Timing is Everything


Outside – Nuclear Citizen

A tune by Nuclear Citizen about people staying inside too much if you didn’t get the hint!


VIS – A – VIS a tear (tir) a tear (ter)

A choreographic film by Kenia Avendano, co-edited and special effects by Chad Kerswill, starring Chelsy Meiss from the National Ballet of Canada.


Pyramid Song by Brunswick Project

Filmed on stage at the Comedy Bar, The Sketchersons have encompassed unique imagination to the Brunswick Project’s cover of Radiohead’s Pyramid Song.

Brunswick Project is Steve Cruickshank and Joel Buxton, writing 52 songs in 52 weeks.

Directed by Andy Auld and performed by Brunswick Project and the Sketchersons.

52 Songs in 52 Weeks

The Sketchersons are
Andy Auld
Jocelyn Geddie
Kaitlin Loftus
Daryn McIntyre
Phil Moorhead


Editing and Special Effects by Chad Kerswill.


Money Army by Single File To Freedom

Song: Money Army
Band: Single File To Freedom
Researched and edited by Chad Kerswill, recorded by DARC Productions, this video was compiled from multiple live shows and is based on actual history.

The People Mover – CAiiRO FOSTER


This one was done themed to old Monster films chasing people, making them move! The sound production done by DARC Productions studio made this video atmospheric and really captured Caiiro Foster’s depth.

Lou Ferrigno to the Future – CAiiRO FOSTER

This is a video I made for my band Caiiro Foster, our self-proclaimed #1 fan, Kavita Gill, asked me if I can make a video for Caiiro Foster with footage from Back to the Future – it was done before it even started. The story line between rockin out and traveling to the future in his dreams, worked out surprisingly well.

You too would yell “This is the Greatest Day of My Entire Life” if you were in this video!

I know I would!

It Torments Me – The Drow

This is one of the first videos I made for The Drow. Audio by Troy Morrissey of DARC Productions. Troy told me that he had to put a mirror on the wall in front of him (behind his computer) while developing the audio because he said he kept getting freaked out by the sounds he was making, and thought someone was creeping up on him!


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